Wednesday, October 5, 2011

“The Sleeping Profit”

Edgar Cayce

If you don’t know a little something about Edgar Cayce, then you most likely know nothing at all about profits that reportedly foretell the future, review past lives, offer miracle cures for any number of illnesses, or simply suggest favorable business investments.

You also are unlikely to have ever heard of the famous 16th century French “seer” and profit, Nostradamus nor the well-known American psychic and astrologer Jean Dixon who gained her notoriety in the 20th century.   

I have been guilty of trivializing the many feats and forecasts of Mr. Cayce but I recently took a little time to have a closer look at his work which has resulted in me coming to believe that he may have in actuality been the “real McCoy”. In other words he certainly deserves a closer look.   

Cayce was born to a farming family on March 18, 1877 near Beverly, seven miles (11 km) south of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, US which is located in the South Western part of the state, in Christian County. He died at age 67 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, US on January 3, 1945.

His education stopped after he completed the ninth grade because his family could not afford the costs but then a ninth-grade education was considered more than adequate for working-class children during the 1890’s.

Nearly every day, several times a day, for more than 40 years, Edgar Cayce would “induce” himself into an altered out-of-body state of consciousness or a “sleep” like state and reveal information on various subjects such as health, dreams, meditation, religions, reincarnation, and the future.  

At first such “readings” dealt only with the physical health of the individual; later readings on past lives were performed. Beyond these two topics other readings came to included business advice, dream interpretation, and mental or spiritual health issues.  When he was out of the trance Cayce said he generally did not remember what he had said during a reading.

Cayce believed that many events of the future (especially the bad ones) could be avoided if humanity only changed its behavior as a result of the predictions. This, he believed was the purpose for giving prophecies to start with; a warning so to speak intended to persuade people to change so that the prophecies won't happen. Cayce certainly was not 100% accurate in his predictions; some insist this only shows how some of Cayce's less than favorable predictions have been averted. So, you might say, a successful gloom and doom prophecy is one that never happens.  After all Cayce repeatedly said that even the Lord of Lords could not accurately predict future events because human freedom of will can alter and change the future.

Mr. Cayce believed a lot of unusual things that in no way can be termed as main stream thinking.  For example he strongly supported the concept of reincarnation; he was convinced that Atlantis was not just some myth; he even predicted that China, of all places, would eventually become the “cradle” of Christianity.

In one of his readings regarding reincarnation, he described his own future incarnation in the distant future year of 2100 Nebraska (USA). Here he reported the shores of the Pacific Ocean as being contiguous (joining) to the city where he lived as well as the results or reactions of scientists and doctors to whom he described his past life as Edgar Cayce.   

Cayce often said that humanity would soon experience a "day of reckoning." In fact he predicted the year of the second coming of Jesus Christ to be 1998. Modern critics who are not very familiar with the Cayce material have pointed out that 1998 has past and the second coming has not yet occurred.

Proponents of his beliefs, on the other hand insist that such critics mistakenly expect the second coming to happen when Jesus appears in the sky along with a group of angels while Gabriel plays a horn and dead bodies quite naturally crawl out of their graves or tombs. Cayce supporters say this concept of the “return” is the result of a basic misunderstanding between the concept of reincarnation and the biblical version of the second coming.

Cayce believed it was more logical or realistic for Jesus to make his re-entrance the same way he did in his previous life, by rebirth!   For this reason, Cayce supporters say, Jesus may have indeed returned just as he foresaw. If this theory is correct, it means that a historic or reincarnated Jesus is living some where on Earth as a young child today.

On January 1, 1945, Cayce announced that he “would be buried in four more days”. This was a prediction that proved to be true. You may recall the date of his death recited above was January 3, 1945.

Being humble and clearly harboring self-doubts, Cayce never used his spiritualist gift for profit, although he did request donations to be given freely so as to support his life style. As an adult he read the Bible each day, taught Sunday school, and helped others only if asked to do so.  Within his lifetime several thousand did ask, and over the years he produced readings that diagnosed health problems; prescribed dietary regimens; and predicted future events; such as wars, earthquakes, and changes in governments. He routinely spoke, of reincarnations, the early history of Egypt, Israel, and per-Columbian America as well as the lost civilization of Atlantis.

Clearly, he was a busy man during his 67 years on earth, such that deserves respect.

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  1. Was Edgar cacye a incarnation of Jesus?

  2. To my knowledge no one has suggested as much. Based upon what I’ve read I’d think Casey would have been offended by such an accusation. Case in point, as I recall he was a dedicated Sunday School Teacher.