Thursday, August 2, 2012

‘Grey’ Abductions: Harvesting Human DNA?


Among the mysteries of modern ufology is the origin of the entities known as the Greys and why or if they come here in the first place. These small beings are the most commonly observed entities reported by abductees aboard extraterrestrial craft, and are believed to be the ones most responsible for human abductions.

There are many things that we do know about the Greys, derived mostly from abductee reports, but there is far more that we do not yet know or understand. Based upon current evidence, including a collection of abductee reports, is it now possible to make accurate estimates of several aspects of the lives of the Greys?

There currently exists a theory that the Greys are connected somehow to several governments, and that this intimate relationship has resulted in many of the technological leaps of the last fifty years made by military and government science, including the F-117 stealth fighter and B-2 stealth bomber. This is known as the “Alien-United States Government Technological Exchange Theory,” and is currently popular, to varying degrees, among several researchers and others, who have come to believe that a small segment of the U S government as well as several foreign governments are persistently lying about their involvement in the UFO phenomenon, and in this way are keeping a great deal of information secret, while using disinformation tactics to make eyewitnesses appear to be nothing short of foolish.

The end result of such misinformation or outright lies makes way for a population who, as a general rule, tends to consider anyone who studies (as well as most witnesses) the gray phenomenon or UFO events in every form, as “crackpots or down right lunatics”.

Think about it, assuming this is correct, it would be the exact effect wanted by this small group, because its motives, as well as its actual operations would be hidden from the population in general, as well as to the balance of the working government.

Yet another popular theory that’s held by many individuals involved in New Age philosophy is that the Greys are truly a benevolent race  and that they are here to guide humanity into the next millennium with spiritual understanding, in order to create a more perfect society.

This theory primarily finds support among those who claim to be in contact with the Greys, and claim to receive information about what they are doing, as well as why.  This seems to be too much like propaganda as well as disinformation to me, but then that’s just one opinion. This concept holds that the Greys come from a society whose gene pool has become overly inbred or depleted. It is to some extent similar to the old science fiction scenario, in which a dying Mars population comes to Earth in order that they can survive.

This concept or theory is simpler over all, as well as more “to the point” in its thought process, than the one described above, and is held by various groups devoted to the spiritual and mental evolution of mankind. Supporters of this theory say that the Greys have spoken to them directly and in doing so have told them the reasons that they are here.

According to these individuals and groups, the Greys are trying to help humanity save itself by saving the planet; because the death of Earth is destined to come (and soon).  Such groups regularly speak of great storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as wars, pollution, famine, and starvation that will soon sweep across our planet earth. The Greys know these things will happen because they aren’t limited by time flowing in a single direction (in other words they can visit our future); so wouldn't you know it, they can move forwards and backwards though time. Altough they are unable prevent these disasters, they want desperately to prevent as much suffering as possible.

While they are here, however, they could use some of our DNA, as their supply has been severely reduced or depleted for a reason rarely told to the folks who communicate with them on a regular basis. So, you might say the information about earth’s future events are being offered in trade for our DNA… Seems to be a fair enough exchange to me.

Both of these theories have various sources; most of the evidence for the Grey-government conspiracy reportedly comes from sources within various governments, and from careful observation and analysis of government activities over the past 50 years or so. On the other hand, the benevolent Grey belief comes directly from the Grey abductees , who have apparently been implanted (into their minds) with certain instructions and ideas to be given to the various societies of our planet.  So if Greys are telling the truth, we have little to be worried about, except the occasional abduction in the middle of the night and all of those terrible events that are yet to happen.

Some theorize that the Greys are descendants of modern humans and simply come from our future; others argue that the Greys are a totally different life form and not related to humans in any way and are most likely descendants of dolphin like creatures. You may recall the Dogon culture of West Africa had contact with some ugly, amphibious extraterrestrials, called the Nommos, some 5,000 or more years ago as I have previously reported in this format.

Regardless, various facts seem to establish that the Greys are actually clones. This is not a new theory, simply a modification of others that have been circulating for a while. There are several reasons why they appear to be clones, if one takes into account their described behavioral patterns and visual appearances, as deduced from abductee testimonies and other related reports.

Most evidence comes from abductee reports on the physical appearance of the Greys. According to abductees and certain government informants, the following physical profile can be deduced about the Greys: The average height of 4 ft. to 4 ft. 6 in. for the ‘doctors’ or the leaders of the abductors, and 3 ft. to 3 ft. 6 in. for the workers or ‘drones’,  with an overall humanoid shape. Their skin coloration is light grey to dark grey and appears to be non-porous. The head is proportionally large and an inverted triangular shape in the vertical plane. The rear skull area is large and rounded, and the eyes appear large and slanted upwards toward the rear of the skull. Their arms and legs appear to be very thin, with a neck that one would consider to be far too thin to support the weight of the large head. Apparently at least they are absent sexual organs although the Greys seem to have gender, and are not simply sterile.  The genders appear to be completely determined by the mind, with their bodies being almost identical (abductees report that some Greys ‘seem’ feminine, while others are very masculine).

It should be noted that female Greys are not typically seen, and those that are seen are reported to be sterile and incapable of giving birth or producing offspring. The males are the ones most commonly observed, and the simplest deduction is that the fertile Grey females are few in number, and may be isolated for some reason, perhaps to prevent their loss or simply for genetic repositories. Nevertheless, because Greys cannot breed naturally, due to a lack of sexual organs, artificial methods must be incorporated into their society so as to prevent their demise as a species.

Thus deductive reasoning suggests that cloning from clones, after several generations, is equivalent to inbreeding, wherein errors creep up into the genetic code, so to speak; so eventually, clones are created that are unable to function properly, which in turn results in the need for abducting humans so as to allow DNA harvesting.



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